Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Life and Adventures of Randy Mesmer


Randy Mesmer found the way forward was clear, the instruction simple: just don't believe your mind at all. Pay no heed.

A straight-forward and impossible situation.

As if he were, for example, an impoverished graduate student struggling to complete his dissertation (William James, cosmic consciousness) while living in a small broken-down van with, hello, a punk band.

A full-blown punk band, complete with electric guitars, drum set, groupies, heroin, and all members stumbling about improvising, drunk at 7am wearing nothing but t-shirts (Christ could you at least put on some underpants!), checking to see if the microphone worked--testing, testing, bigger than Jesus, fuck yeah!--and all he had to do was ignore them, put his two million 3-by-5 cards in order and quietly finish his dissertation.

Of course the punk band wasn't real--YEAH, try telling that to them!

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