Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Church of 4 Dollys

Here we are, again, at sanity's last stand. Onion rings served fresh all night. Geronimo is here, and the 4 Dollys and that lady we busted out of house arrest in Burma.

Ours is the church for when no time is left

We are The Church of the 4 Dollys. Dolly of the melted clocks and the cloned sheep Dolly. Dolly the Lama, Dolly singer of the legendary breasts.

The fire eyed lady from Burma sleeps only out under the stars

Whenever we lose one Dolly, another Dolly takes over. Never are we bereft. We are gathered here to teach the sheep to sing in preparation for when the busty blonde must don the yellow hat and lead Tibet.

To the world we say: do not be afraid we love you we will make time

(Madrid, 02/24/09)

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