Saturday, October 01, 2016

New & Forthcoming

New Publications, Available Manuscripts and News.

My story, "The Right Way to be Crippled & Naked" is forthcoming in The Right Way to be Crippled & Naked: The Fiction of Disability: An Anthology which is due to be released on December 13th from Cinco Puntos Press.

“Autoportrait: Upon Returning to India” was published in Quarter After Eight #22, Ohio University.

“Why Are These Bears Having Oral Sex?” was published in Crooked Fagazine #6.

Lambda Literary.

In July I was one of Fiction fellows at the Lambda Literary Foundation’s Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ writers.  I had the chance to work with Andrew Holleran (so gracious! so generous! so lithe and bright-spirited!) and a cohort of writers who stunned me with their talent, intensity and aplomb.  (I loved it.  And I was scared shitless the entire time.)

In preparation for the Lambda Retreat, I spent a few months preparing a number of manuscripts, in case anyone wanted to see them.  Then I went to the Retreat and told nobody about them, not a soul.    

The following manuscripts are available:

An untitled manuscript of fictions old & new: approximately 180 pages.
Recently, At Orgies: A chapbook version of this manuscript: 60 pages.

77 Irish Love Stories.  A complete, revised version of the love stories.
39 Irish Love Stories.  A chapbook version of the love stories.

Artifact Panel (excerpt).  A 10,000 word excerpt of the assemblage/novella.

The following manuscripts will soon be available:

Artifact Panel.  An assemblage/novella of approximately 17,000 words.  (But which would require more pages than standard because of the acres of white space required.)

Please Lose & Forget.  A book-length novella of 108 short pieces.

The following manuscripts could be available, if anyone sought them:

A collection of non-fiction essays, metafictions and travel writing.  100 to 200 pages.

A new collection of stories or a new novella.  (Because these things just show up if I am fed, watered, patted on the head, and left in silence in the morning.)

A deep bow and warm thank you to all the people in the past, present and future 
who make the continuance of this nonsensical grizzled waif possible.  
Bless you and thank you.  
May all temporal and ultimate happiness be yours.

(All of the preceding is an example of the verb "to whisk".  
For full explanation, please see below, Annex #1, Additions to ARTIFACT PANEL.)

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Martin said...

Dear Guttersnipe

Thank you for all the wonderful stuff that you have posted on this blog. I am so happy that you are being recognised in literary circles. I (and I am sure many others) would be happy to pay to get hold of these publications so please post links to where we can buy them.

Kind regards