Thursday, January 19, 2017

What to Read While You're Not Watching the Inauguration.

As your friend who dropped of society to read more, I believe that I have located the perfect book to read while you are NOT watching the Inauguration. (Naturally my highest respect goes to those persons who will be so busy being disruptive and speaking out for human and earthly justice they may not have a chance to read unless they land in jail.) In case you need a book to accompany your non-viewing of the election -- I’ve got you covered. I decided that such a book must be utterly all-American, display the highest values, contain of massive dose of courage in the face of impossible obstacles, and must also be as compelling to read as a thriller because -- who has an attention span nowadays? This is all so fucking scary. Good news, I got it, this nerd knows just the right all-American book. Now is the time to read or reread, ‘Lakota Woman’, the autobiography that Mary Crow Dog wrote with Richard Erdoes. Here is a big dose of the clarity, love and ferocity we’re going to need to survive. A deep bow to all the women who will be marching, protesting, shouting and fighting in the days to come. ‘Lakota Woman’ opens with a Cheyenne proverb: “A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.”

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