Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Call For Submissions

Call For Submissions

My second foray into literary publishing, following the remarkable success of BIG DEAL: A Quarterly Review of Envy and Resentment in the Arts, will be an annual journal known as UNREAD, which will provide a forum for one of the fast-growing and prolific populations worldwide: writers who read almost nothing.  Writers who read almost nothing are heartily welcome!

The Literary Journal for Writers
 Who Don’t Read Literary Journals.
Or Anything Else.

Although all writers who don’t read are welcome, preference will be given to those with MFA degrees in Writing and most especially to teachers of literature who once read a few books and now teach those same books, over and over again.  We wish to honor those who have overcome challenges to non-reading, who have acquired laurels and advanced degrees, while persisting to read almost nothing.

Please note: UNREAD is highly competitive literary journal.  That means that less than 1% of all submissions are accepted.  Please send us your very best work!  The lucky 0.2% who are accepted are accepted entirely at random.  (We only open our email account once a year.) 

We are not concerned with the fairness of this system.  As for the integrity of the journal, we know all too well that literary magazines are only read by their contributors; that’s why we can guarantee we will remain UNREAD.

For our annual contest, please send postal coupons and a $35 money order.  Thanks for supporting UNREAD!

Submissions are open now for UNREAD: The Literary Journal for Writers Who Don’t Read.  Please, shower us with your own wholly original inspiration!  You have already proven you don’t need anyone.  

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