Sunday, June 30, 2013

Phase Out

Latino Stroking His Big Uncut Dick          4 minutes, 8 seconds

Afterwards, when he’s ready to shower, get dressed, get the money, when he’s done what’s usual here at BiLatinoMen, pulled off his shirt and explained his tattoos, tugged down his pants and accepted compliments, explained how he lost his virginity at the age of ten (he got scared ‘cause the girl was bleeding), and how he once fucked a girl hanging over a rooftop, and how his number one fantasy is to have sex at a water park (which seems kind of innocent, but then he’s only 20) and, yeah, he just moved to Los Angeles and he’s lovin’ it, lovin’ the sun, and he lets the cameraman feel him up and he wears his rosary even while he showers, and when the camera finally pulls back, we see on his left inner thigh several dozen long intersecting slash marks.

So what were you saying happened there on your leg?  Ha, ha, I got mad.  I started cutting myself.  You cut yourself when you’re mad?  Sometimes, yeah.  How often do you do that?  Rarely, but when I get mad I get mad.  And it doesn’t hurt or what?  Yeah it hurts.  I’m so mad I block out the pain.  And at what point do you know to stop?  No, I just keep going.  But I mean, there’s like, let’s say there’s twenty marks.  Why didn’t you do forty or fifty?  What calms you down?  Nothing.  I just phase out.  I phase out and then when I come back to the real world, I’m just, like, Oh what I do?  And it’s all bloody or what?  Yeah.  So you go, like, momentary insanity?  Yeah.  Does it look like a fog or what does it feel like when you’re in a phase?  It’s like nothing else matters, not even you.  Poor guy.  Don’t be doing that.  You like my free therapy sessions?  Just kidding.  All right.  Say bye to your fans out there.  See you later guys.

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