Monday, May 26, 2014

It's a Process


Ek explains that it’s a process, and that for lots of men the process is pretty much the same.  

“When I leave my wife I have twenty-five dollars.  Three dollars I pay for a bus to the city.  I get job at hotel for food only.  Later they give me twenty dollars a month.  Then they give me forty.

I buy my friend’s moto bike, be driver, get better moto bike.  When I buy tuk tuk I sell moto bike to my friend.  After few years I get airport license, drive tuk tuk to from airport, now my friend rents my airport tuk tuk and he pay me ten dollars a day.”

Next, Ek explains, he will buy a small guesthouse.  Later he will buy a big one.  Then he will be rich.  Meanwhile he gives what help he can to men just coming from the village -- “not for free but for fair.”

Claude finds this very interesting and he thanks Ek for telling him about it.  He likes understanding a little about how people live.  But Ek interrupts him.

“But foreigner also have process.  You 41.  Always 41.  My last boyfriend he 41.  Boyfriend before that 41, too.  My last boyfriend Germany.  He has small dick but better face than you.  Like you he crazy for sex.

“41 year gay guy come this city, looking, looking.  Little crazy, maybe.”  Ek cranes his head forward and bobs his head like a bird pecking in the sand.  “Looking looking!”

Claude is taken aback.  “But if it’s a process -- what happens next?”

Ek looks at him carefully, as if he reading his forehead.  “Sihanoukville,” he announces.  “You go beach.  My old boyfriend he live in Sihanoukville now with his new boyfriend and his small small penis.  In two three years you inherit money or become drug addict.  Do both, even better!  

All the time same process.  Little different always.  Not so different.  Only thing know for sure is you teach English!”

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