Friday, May 30, 2014

Microscopic Alimony


With taxi drivers, Claude often quarrels but when men on motorbikes give him a lift, Claude automatically gives them whatever they ask and often a little bit more.  This seems the most natural thing in the world and indeed he hardly thinks about it.  After all, they have just been through a life-threatening experience together.  How could they fail to be fond of each other, as old soldiers are?

Isn’t it fair, to give a guy a few bucks, if he asks for it nicely, when you’ve had your legs wrapped around him for the last twenty minutes?  Enough for a beer at least?

Imagine, Claude thinks, if we had to pay money to everyone about whom we have lewd and lascivious fantasies!  A kind of microscopic alimony for the use we have made of their image and form.  Say, point zero one cents a fantasy.  Maybe point zero five it’s something really intensely perverse.

A lot of rough characters would suddenly be wealthy.  Claude would be destitute and owe a lot of people money.

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