Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Room


Without a doubt there are a very great number of people who fear that no one loves them, but it is a much smaller number who are afforded the opportunity to live after the fact has been confirmed

It is no surprise that the room in which these people find themselves is austere, that there is gray mixed into the white with which the walls and ceiling have been painted, that it is cold and cold in the way that gets to you, with a floor that feels like ice, that seldom is it ever clear if the door has been locked from outside or from within, the door upon that densely populated solitude most commonly referred as haunted.  

All of this is very commonly known.

The surprise is that you can live there.  Despite threats to the contrary, no one arrives to actually kill you.  You live there.  Braced for the chill, with the chill for company, recreation and exercise, like a pet dog made of ice, and that what matters, above all, is the choice as to whether you are a prisoner, a discard, or a monastic.

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